Course Notes as well as CMPs, Mock Exams, AMPs, ASETs, Revision Notes and Flashcards are now available digitally in eBook format.

ActEd eBooks are:

  • Portable - enabling you to study on the move
  • Space saving
  • Easy to navigate - for example you can search an eBook for words or phrases
  • Easy to annotate with your own comments.

They may also appeal to those who live outside the UK, where paper CMP despatch costs are higher and delivery times longer.

eBooks can be ordered separately or as an addition to the paper copy.

VitalSource Bookshelf

ActEd eBooks are accessed using VitalSource Bookshelf.

Bookshelf enables you to access your eBooks online through a browser or they can be downloaded to your laptop or mobile devices using the Bookshelf application or mobile app (for up-to-date versions of iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire).

You can access a Bookshelf eBook on up to 4 authorised devices (2 laptops / PCs + 2 mobile devices, for example your work computer, your personal computer, a mobile phone and an iPad).

If using a company computer or device, check you have permission to install the required application.

Please note that if you print your eBook from Bookshelf an automatic watermark will be added to every page you are printing. This cannot be removed as it is part of the software settings. The software will only let you print 100 pages each time you log into your account. The print quality from printing your own eBooks is unlikely to be as high as a printed hard copy from ActEd. If you require a clean, high-quality printed copy then we recommend you order a hard copy in addition to, or instead of, an eBook.

When you order an ActEd eBook you will receive an electronic code which will enable you to access your eBook.

Online access to your eBook will last for up to 3 years but offline access does not expire and eBooks will be available to read offline using your Bookshelf account for as long as the Bookshelf App is available.

You may have previously accessed your eBooks using Adobe Digital Editions. It is not possible to choose which platform you use. It is not possible to transfer an eBook between Bookshelf and ADE or vice versa.


The price of an eBook is the same as the printed product except that VAT is added for orders of eBooks from within the EU and South Africa. However, if the eBook is ordered as an addition to the same version of the paper product in a subject in the same academic year, the additional charge for the eBook is £23 + VAT for CMPs and Course Notes and £13 + VAT for Flashcards, ASETs, Mock Exams, AMPs and Revision Notes.


Once you have purchased your eBook and we have processed your order you will then receive two emails: one confirming your order and a second containing your electronic code enabling you to access and download your eBook. These emails should be sent within 24 hours, assuming the relevant eBook is available. This may be slightly longer during our busy periods.

You will be required to create a Bookshelf account before accessing your eBook. Full instructions will be provided in the emails.

Before you redeem the code you will have to have an online Bookshelf account, which you can create at https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/

Once you have an account you can download the PC application or mobile app and sign in with the same credentials to access your eBook across multiple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bookshelf instructions sheet provides more details about how to access your ActEd eBooks using Bookshelf. Comprehensive instructions and help on how to use your eBooks in Bookshelf are available from https://support.vitalsource.com/hc/en-gb

Please see our Common Questions page for more information and this page for information about the old Adobe Digital Editions platform.