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Actuarial Common Entrance Test (ACET) for IAI

ActEd offers Course Notes and Online Coaching to help students pass ACET. Our Course Notes and Online Classroom cover virtually all of the Mathematics and Statistics parts of the entrance test. Any maths and statistics topics that are not covered are given to you as free downloads below. The study material does not cover the English, Data Interpretation and Logic elements of the ACET test.

There are different packages available depending on how much support is required. The three study packages available are:

  • Bronze Package
    The Bronze Study Package gives the choice of an eBook or hard copy of a textbook. The textbook contains comprehensive notes explaining all topics, numerous worked examples with solutions, and many additional practice questions with summary solutions.

  • Silver Package
    As well as the textbook, the Silver Study Package gives access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) containing online Study Manuals, tests and two realistic Practice Exams. The Study Manual gives a step-by-step guide to studying each chapter of the textbook including shortcuts to help efficient study. An online Introductory Test for each chapter indicates how much time to spend studying the material. The online Progress Test at the end of each chapter allows students to check their understanding of the material. The Silver Study Package also includes full solutions to the textbook practice questions. Each Practice Exam contains 60 questions.

  • The Silver Study Package gives many more questions than the Bronze Package to help consolidate learning. Access to the online materials lasts up to 13 months from the date of purchase.

  • Gold Package
    In addition to all the benefits of the Silver Study Package, the Gold Study Package gives access, through the VLE, to our comprehensive pre-recorded Online Tutorials. The easily-searched collection of online tutorial units have been produced by our dedicated team of tutors, who have vast experience in teaching actuarial science. This package also gives access to a dedicated online discussion forum.

  • Access to the VLE lasts 13 months from date of purchase.

    The price for the Bronze Package is £40
    The price for the Silver Package is £75
    The price for the Gold Package is £110

The maths and statistics topics that aren’t covered are given as free downloads below:

Download ‘Currency, calendar and age’
Download ‘Glossary’
Download ‘Proof by induction’
Download ‘Order notation’
Download ‘Factorial notation and the gamma function’
Download ‘Solution of simultaneous equations using matrices’
Download ‘Iteration’
Download ‘Arithmetic and geometric mean inequality’
Download ‘Complex numbers’
Download ‘Trigonometry’
Download ‘Lagrangian multipliers’
Download ‘Multiple integrals’
Download ‘Trapezium rule’
Download ‘Differential equations’
Download ‘Differentiating an integral’
Download ‘Eigenvectors and eigenvalues’
Download ‘Distributions’
Download ‘Regression and correlation’

Please read the important information below about our eBooks before ordering.

Download a sample of the textbook; download the contents page.

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