Advice for students studying Subject CA3 for the April 2017 exam


The IFoA will be introducing the new format CA3 (to be called CP3) from September 2017. Details of the new CP3 exam have not yet been finalised, so we are not in a position to share any further information at this stage. We understand that the IFoA will be publishing further details by early May. We plan to start publishing study materials for the new CP3 in June 2017. Initially we will publish a CMP (Course Notes and Assignments). Subsequently we will publish Mock exams and offer tutorials. However, if you are planning to sit CA3 in April 2017, then please see below for further information on how we can support you in preparing for this final CA3 exam.

You are eligible to tackle CA3 if you have passed all the CTs and CA1. When thinking about when to take CA3 bear in mind that it can’t be ‘crammed’, as it requires practice! Note also that there are only a limited number of exam ‘windows’ scheduled in each year, and they can quickly become ‘sold out’ – see here for more info.

We’ve got lots of tools and resources to help you maximise your chance of success in the CA3 exam … have a look at the ‘Timeline for Success’ below, and Click on the individual elements for more information. Planning ahead will pay dividends!

If you are unable to click on the individual elements in the graphic above please use the list below.

CA3 Course Notes

CA3 X Assignments

CA3 Online Classroom

CA3 Preparation Day Tutorial


CA3 Mock Exams A, B and C

CA3 Mock Exam Day

CA3 Exam

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