Advice for students studying Subjects CB2, SP6 or SP9

These subjects have moved away from the traditional “Core Reading” approach. Instead, the majority of the Core Reading is replaced by references to the textbooks listed in the table below. As a result, ActEd’s Course Notes in these subjects are not intended to be used as stand‐alone courses. Instead, in Subjects SP6 and SP9, the notes aim to summarise the key principles and results and to explain in more detail the most difficult topics in the Syllabus. In Subject CB2, the notes provide guidance through the reading, along with advice and question practice in preparation for the examination. End of chapter/module Practice Questions and a set of Series X Assignments have been produced in the same way as for our other subjects.

ActEd’s full‐price Combined Materials Pack in each subject will include the relevant textbooks, as well as the Course Notes and X Assignments, in the bundled price. However, all of these items may also be purchased individually. ActEd’s prices for purchasing the textbooks separately can be found in the table below and the prices of ActEd’s other materials can be found here.

Economics by J. Sloman, J Guest and D Garratt (10th Ed),
ISBN 978‐1‐292‐18785‐3 (print)
ISBN 978‐1‐292‐18786‐0 (eBook, reflowable format)

Options, Futures and other Derivatives by J. C. Hull, (9th Ed),
ISBN 978‐1-292-21289-0 (print)
ISBN 978‐1-292-40633-6 (eBook, reflowable format)
Financial calculus: an introduction to derivative pricing by M. Baxter and A. Rennie,
ISBN 978‐0‐521‐55289‐9 (print)
ISBN 978‐1‐139‐63618‐6 (eBook, reflowable format)


Enterprise Risk Management From Incentives to Controls by J. Lam (2nd Ed),
ISBN 978‐1‐118‐41361‐6 (print)
ISBN 978‐1‐118‐83436‐7 (eBook, fixed format)
Financial Enterprise Risk Management (2nd Ed), by Paul Sweeting,
ISBN 978‐1‐107‐18461‐9
ISBN 978‐1‐316‐88687‐8 (eBook, fixed format)



Please note:
  1. If you order the CMP at the retaker price you will not receive the textbooks.
  2. Reduced-rate materials - discounts are not available for the CB2, SP6 or SP9 textbooks (unless purchased as part of the relevant CMP).
  3. Printed textbooks are included with the printed CMP. The CMP eBook includes the relevant eTextbook(s) accessible only through VitalSource Bookshelf. More information about Bookshelf can be found here.