Advice for students studying Subject CT4 for the 2018 exams

We have a range of study materials that you can use when sitting Subject CT4.  We have broken the materials down into those that we consider to be ‘essential’ and ‘highly recommended’ plus those products which can make your revision very effective.  Students learn in different ways so you will need to read the details of each product to see what will work for you.

For advice about which products to choose, please read our product guide.


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Combined Materials Pack (CMP)
Ideal for those sitting the subject for the first time.  It comprises the Course Notes, Question and Answer Bank and Series X Assignments.
This is available in eBook or paper format.  Please refer to our CMP page.

Highly recommended

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Face-to-face /
Live Online /
Online Classroom
Choose from a Regular Tutorial, Block Tutorial, Revision Day Tutorial or Online Classroom.
Please click here for further details of the types of tuition and the Tuition Bulletin which details the courses available. 
Series X Marking / Marking vouchers
We are happy to mark your attempts at the X Assignments.  Objective, personalised feedback from a high quality marker will highlight areas on which to work and help with exam technique.
Marking is not included with the Assignments or the CMP and you need to order it separately.  Please refer to our Marking page to get more details of how you can get your scripts marked. 
Mock Exam A
An exam-standard paper to use as a realistic test of your exam preparation.
Click here for more information. 
Mock Exam A Marking
Feedback on your weaknesses and areas needing more attention is really useful as you approach the exam.
Marking is not included with the Mock and you need to order it separately.  Please refer to our Mock Exam Marking page for information such as deadline dates. 

Effective Revision

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Revision Notes
A set of A5 booklets which are perfect for revising on the train or tube to work.  Each booklet covers one main theme of the course and includes: Core Reading with a set of integrated short questions; relevant past exam questions and solutions; detailed analysis of key past exam questions; plus other useful revision aids.
These can be particularly useful for retakers.  See the Revision Notes page to read more details about this product.
Contains ActEd’s solutions to recent past exam papers, plus comment and explanation.   
Click here for further guidance.
A set of A6-sized cards that cover the key points of the subject that most students want to commit to memory. 
These are available in eBook or paper format.  The Flashcards page has more information.
A revision product containing many questions (some multiple-choice).  The more you use it, the more it learns about the gaps in your knowledge and understanding.
This is an Online product.  Please refer to our MyTest page for further details and a demonstration video. 
Additional Mock Pack (AMP)
Two further mock exam papers.  This is ideal for students who are retaking and have already sat Mock Exam A, or for those who just want some extra question practice.
The Mock Exams page gives more details about AMP.  If you wish to have these mock exams marked you will need to use Marking Vouchers.
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