Placing your first order

We strongly recommend that you order all Paper, Marking & Electronic products and Tutorials using our online store.

Alternatively, if you prefer to order by email/fax/post, please use our Materials Application form and/or Tutorial Application form.

If you are not sure which products to order, we have further guidance on our Help and Advice for New Students page.

If you are sitting Subject CS1 or CM1 as a non-member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, please click here.

Your ActEd Student Number

If you are ordering from us for the first time then please use the “Enter Details” button when you are asked to login to the online store. If you are using an order form then please write “New Student” across the top of the form and leave the reference number blank.

You will allocated an ActEd Student number when we process your first order and we will subsequently use this on all personal correspondence from ActEd. Please note that it is not the same as your Actuarial Reference Number (ARN) used by the IFoA – we are separate organisations.

Please quote/use your ActEd Student Number for all subsequent orders to avoid any unnecessary delays with your order.

Ad-hoc emails

We occasionally send ad-hoc emails to students to inform them about developments relating to their studies, for example, updates to course materials, availability of new products. There is a section on the order form where you can indicate if you do not wish to receive such correspondence.

Equal opportunities

If you have a learning disability and/or learning difficulty and/or health problem which you would like us to be aware of then please let us know when you order and someone from ActEd will contact you to establish what additional support we can provide for you.

Ordering Paper Products/eBooks Before Tutorials

As our tutorials are based around the course notes and therefore require students to have worked through some or all of the current course notes before each tutorial, you should order your core study material before or at the same time as registering on tutorials. If you order tutorials before your core study material, your application may be delayed while we try to contact you to advise you of the situation.

Invoicing and payment

Unless your company has pre-arranged payment facilities with ActEd, we will require payment in advance. If you wish to pay by card, we strongly recommend that you use our online store. Alternatively, if you are unable to access the online store, we will issue an invoice on receipt of your order form, which will require payment before your order is processed. Please do not provide credit card details via email.

Invoices to be settled by your employer (or your employer’s agent) will be addressed to you personally at your office address unless your employer has already authorised the use of its company account for your order. If you would like us to address these invoices differently, please give details when you order. Please provide your company’s requisition number, if applicable, when you place your order. If invoices are not settled within 30 days we may block future orders and/or prevent you from using on-going services (eg marking and tutorials) without offering any refund.

For provisional tutorials, unless your company has pre-arranged payment facilities with ActEd, debit or credit card details must be provided when you place an order. Invoices are issued, and credit card payments taken, between 5 and 15 working days after the relevant Finalisation Date, once a place has been confirmed. If this time has already passed, we will charge your credit card or invoice you as soon as possible, and within 5 working days, after you have been given a confirmed place on a course.

Confirmation of orders

Paper, Marking & Electronic products
When you place your order online you will receive an automated confirmation email generated by the online store. Your order will be checked and processed as soon as possible, after which you will receive a second email to update you on your order.

When you place your order online you will receive an automated confirmation email. We will email you shortly after with details of your tutorial booking(s). If you do not receive an acknowledgement within four working days for each course you have applied for, please email ActEd immediately to check that we have received your order.

Delivery of materials

When will the materials arrive?
Study materials are sent directly from our printers by courier (for large items) or first class post (for small items sent within Europe). In most cases study material arrives within 4–6 working days of ordering, assuming the relevant availability date has passed. However, delivery may take slightly longer during the 2–3 weeks after each set of exams and exam results. Items sent overseas may take considerably longer, so we recommend that you order as early as possible.