Advice for students retaking a subject


If you have the 2016 Combined Materials Pack in either paper or electronic format, and intend to retake a subject in April or September/October 2017, you should make sure that your study material is up-to-date. Use the CMP Upgrade to find out how the Syllabus and Core Reading have changed from 2016 to 2017.

In many cases you will be able to use the CMP Upgrade (which lists all the changes to the Core Reading) to manually update your 2016 Combined Materials Pack. However, in some subjects where there have been many changes, you may prefer to, or may have to, purchase a new set of Course Notes or a new Combined Materials Pack at a special retaker price.

Whatever subject you're retaking, we recommend that you buy Mock Exam A, or the Additional Mock Pack, the Revision Notes and/or the Flashcards (if available and you haven't purchased them before).


If you have not used marking before, then we recommend that you consider using Series X Marking. You might also
wish to get one or more Mock Exams marked this time. Results of a recent survey suggest that attempting the
assignments and mock exam and having them marked improves your chances of passing the exam.


If you haven't already attended tutorials, you'll find a Regular Tutorial, a Block Tutorial or the Online Classroom very useful. Alternatively, if you have previously attended tutorials in a subject you might prefer a Revision Tutorial.


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