Actuarial examinations for April and September/October 2018
  Core Technical Subjects
Financial Mathematics
Finance and Financial Reporting
Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Methods
Financial Economics
Business Awareness Module (BAM)
  Core Applications Subjects
Core Applications Concepts
Modelling Module
Communication Practice
  Specialist Technical Subjects
Health and Care Specialist Technical
Life Insurance Specialist Technical
Pensions and Employee Benefits Specialist Technical
Finance and Investment Specialist Technical A
Finance and Investment Specialist Technical B
General Insurance - Reserving and Capital Modelling Specialist Technical
General Insurance - Pricing Specialist Technical
Enterprise Risk Management Specialist Technical
  Specialist Applications Subjects
Health and Care (UK) Specialist Applications
Life Insurance (UK) Specialist Applications
General Insurance (UK) Specialist Applications
Pensions and Employee Benefits (UK) Specialist Applications
Finance (UK) Specialist Applications
Investment (UK) Specialist Applications

  1. There is one paper in each of Subjects CT1-CT8, ST1-ST9, SA1-SA6 and two papers in Subject CA1.
  2. All CT and CA subjects are compulsory although you may be exempt from one or more subjects depending on your previous studies.
  3. Students are required to take two subjects only from ST1-ST9 and one subject only from SA1-SA6.
  4. Subject CT9 consists of internet-based study, attendance on a two-day or online course and internet-based assessment. Please refer to the IFoA website for more details.
  5. Assessment in Subjects CA2 and CP3 takes place via an online Practical Exam. Please refer to the IFoA's website for more details.
  6. The IFoA recommends that every UK-based student taking a Specialist Applications paper takes the relevant UK Practice Module at the same time. Please refer to the IFoA's website for more details.

All aspects of the examination process are the direct responsibility of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. You are advised to read the Student Handbook issued by the IFoA for further information on the examinations or visit its website at

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