Student Members of the Institute of Actuaries of India

We provide comprehensive materials covering the Mathematics and Statistics elements of the IAI’s entrance exam ACET. Please click here for more information.

Most student members of the Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) who are resident in Asia and Africa can purchase much of ActEd’s distance-learning material at reduced rates directly from the Institute of Actuaries of India. Any products not supplied by the IAI to its members can be purchased through our e-store, and students eligible for reduced-rate subscriptions and exam fees with the IFoA are also eligible for discounts with ActEd. Please refer to the reduced-rate material details.

We also have a section to help students plan and organise their studies, to making learning an efficient and pleasant experience.

You can use our marking service to improve your exam technique and gain valuable advice from our top team of markers on how to pass the exams. We accept assignments by email and so being based overseas is not a problem. Learn about our marking arrangements.

If you are looking for some tuition to help you pass the exams then we recommend one (or more) of the following options:

  • Online Classroom - The Online Classroom is equivalent to a typical face-to-face tutorial run in the UK. Being online, it's an excellent choice for students without easy access to face-to-face classes. Discover more and try out the demos.
  • Live Online Tutorials - Live Online Regular or Block Tutorials are ideal if you like the discipline and motivation of a structured and timetabled course but are unable to travel to one of our face-to-face courses. We aim to replicate as closely as possible what you would experience on a face-to-face tutorial – but deliver it online.
  • Block Tutorials - if you are able to visit the UK for a few days then we recommend a Block Tutorial held between 3 and 8 weeks before the exams. View our Tuition Bulletin to see what's on offer.