Key dates

Study materials are sent directly from our printers by courier (for large items) or first class post (for small items sent within Europe). In most cases study material arrives within 4–6 working days of ordering, assuming the relevant availability date stated below has passed. However, delivery may take slightly longer during the 2–3 weeks after each set of exams and exam results. Items sent overseas may take considerably longer, so we recommend that you order as early as possible.

As we like to keep our materials as up to date as possible, some of the study materials are not available until midway through a session. However, you are still encouraged to place your order in full at the start of the session. We’ll despatch immediately all the items available at the time of your order and automatically send any outstanding items as they become available.

Full details of our provisional tutorial timetable and more details of the application process for tutorials are set out in our
Tuition Bulletin.

To maximise your chance of getting a place on your chosen tutorial, you should apply as soon as possible and certainly well before the relevant finalisation date shown below.

Key dates

20 September 2019 Combined Materials Pack (Core Subjects, except CP2)*
18 October 2019 Combined Materials Pack (Subject CP2)*
4 October 2019 Combined Materials Pack (Specialist Subjects)*
14 October 2019 Finalisation for some early-starting Regular Tutorials
28 October 2019 Finalisation for most Regular Tutorials
November 2019 CMP Upgrade 2019/2020 (where available), Mock Exams, ASET (2014-2017 Papers)
and Online Classrooms for April 2020 exams
6 December 2019 Finalisation for most late-starting Regular Tutorials
January 2020 AMP, Flashcards* and Revision Notes
7 January 2020 Finalisation for some early-starting Block Tutorials and Preparation Days
21 January 2020 Finalisation for all remaining courses
February 2020 ASET (2019 Papers)
Late May 2020 Online Classrooms for September 2020 exams

*Please note that e‐books may not be available until around 3 weeks after these dates, but we will release them as soon as we can.

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