Series Marking

You can have your attempts at any of the currently available assignments marked by ActEd. When marking your scripts, we aim to provide specific advice to improve your chances of success in the exam. We also aim to return your script as swiftly as possible.

You can buy Series X Marking and/or Series Y Marking for a specified subject (eg Subject CM2) for the current exam sitting. You will not be able to defer this marking to a future exam sitting. By submitting your scripts in line with our published recommended submission dates, you will make steady progress through the course. We also publish a set of final deadline dates – if you miss the final deadline date for an X Assignment or Y Assignment your script will not be marked.

We recommend that a student sitting a subject for the first time purchases Series X Marking (and Series Y Marking for the CM and CS Subjects). However, if you might change your study plans in light of your exam results, we recommend that you use Marking Vouchers rather than Series Marking. This will give you much more flexibility should your plans change.

We only accept the current version of assignments for marking, ie those published for the sessions leading to the 2021 exams. If you wish to submit your script for marking but only have an old version (in subjects with a one‐to‐one mapping to a new subject), then you can request the current assignments free of charge provided you meet the conditions below.

Assignments will be provided free of charge only if you have purchased the same paper in the same subject the previous year (ie sessions leading to the 2020 exams), and have purchased marking for the 2021 session.

Solutions to Series Assignments

We typically provide full solutions with Assignments and the Mock Exam (either in print or via the VLE for the computer-based exams). However, if you order Series X or Y Marking (or Mock Exam Marking) at the same time as you order the Series Assignments (or Mock Exam), you can choose whether or not to receive a copy of the solutions in advance. If you choose not to receive them with the study material, you will be able to download the solutions via a secure link on the internet when your marked script is submitted (or following the final deadline date if you do not submit a script).

Submitting assignments

For all paper‐based exams, you will need to scan each assignment script to a pdf file and submit by email but please read the instructions on the assignment coversheet before completing your assignment. For computer‐based exams (Subjects CS1‐2, CM1‐2 and CP2) you will need to submit the relevant files (eg Word or Excel documents) attached to an email. Please follow the instructions on each assignment or mock carefully.

Unless you are using a Marking Voucher, any scripts received by ActEd after the deadline date will be returned unmarked. It is your responsibility to ensure that your script is sent in good time to reach us.

Your script will be passed to the next available marker and will be returned to you via a secure link on the internet. We encourage markers to return scripts quickly, but you should be aware that scripts submitted around the time of the final deadlines may have a significantly slower turnaround time than usual.

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