Series X Marking in Subject CA1

We strongly believe that attempting assignments and having them marked will help you pass your exam.

The average pass rate for Subject CA1 over the last 3 years is around 47%, but we estimate that the pass rate of students who submitted at least eight assignments for marking was close to 70%.

However, the proportion of students choosing to use Series X Marking for Subject CA1 has been relatively small. We have introduced an alternative to having all ten assignments marked using the standard Series X Marking, called the essential five, where you only have to submit 5 assignments. Details of both marking options are as follows:

Option 1:
Comprehensive – standard Series X Marking
There are 10 assignments ranging between 80 and 100 marks in length. This assignment series provides a comprehensive tool to help you with your exam preparation. Series X Marking costs £521 + VAT. This is still our recommended option. If you wish to use Series X Marking in Subject CA1 over two sessions then please let us know this when you order.
Option 2: Intermediate – Series X5 Marking, the essential five
If you buy this marking product, we will send you five assignments, ranging from 80 to 100 marks, for you to attempt and submit for marking. Each assignment tests key topics in two parts of the course material, and may be a good intermediate option for you. The questions have been hand-picked from the standard X Assignments as the most useful ones to have marked, focussing on key developmental skills. Marking of these assignments costs £267 + VAT. Option 2 is only valid for the session in which it is purchased.

To order your preferred option, please visit our e-store.

All scripts must be submitted by the published final deadline dates to be marked. Option 1 uses the standard Subject CA1 deadlines. The five scripts in Option 2 must be submitted by the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th Subject CA1 X Assignment deadlines.

Marking vouchers could be used for any scripts but are not recommended for Option 2 given that you will only receive these assignments if you have already purchased the Series Marking option.

Please note that there is significant overlap between the two options and so you should order only one of the marking products. If you are a retaker and have previously used the Series X Assignments then you should consider the Additional Mock Pack.

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