Marking Vouchers

Marking Vouchers are the flexible alternative to Series Marking. They are transferable between study sessions, between subjects and even between students. The holder has the right to submit an attempt at any current assignment or mock exam paper for marking at any time. However, you will need to adhere to the explicit Marking Voucher deadline dates in each session to ensure that your script is returned before the date of the exam.

Marking Vouchers are valid for four years from the date of purchase and can be used or refunded at any time up to the expiry date (which is shown clearly on each voucher).

Please ensure that you purchase the correct number of vouchers for the subjects that you are studying. As there are 2 mock exam papers for CA1, students will need to use 2 marking vouchers for this subject's mock exam. (The additional marking product in Subject CA1, the Series X5 assignments, is not designed for use with marking vouchers, as the product includes marking.)

The Additional Mock Pack (AMP) consists of Mock Exam B and Mock Exam C. Marking Vouchers can be used if you would like one or both of the additional mocks marked by ActEd.

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