Information for the September 2021 exams

New session update from ActEd

New Tuition Bulletin

Version 1 of our new Tuition Bulletin for the session leading to the September 2021 exams is now available on our website and you can book as always from our online store.

Continuation of online delivery

With the current government roadmap, social distancing measures will not be removed until 21 June 2021 at the earliest and it is still very unclear as to how long these requirements may remain in place beyond this date.

Given the uncertainty around social distancing, and the importance of maintaining as much stability and continuity as possible to help our clients and their learners to plan ahead with confidence, the decision has been made to extend our online delivery until at least August 2021.

Our priority continues to be ensuring the safety of staff and learners, whilst providing a consistent and continued high level of teaching, which we are confident a continuation of our online delivery will provide.

We will continue to monitor the situation and if there is significant change then there's a possibility that we may decide to convert some of the later course to in-centre. We will let students know if this becomes a reality.

As always, please try to choose a first, second and third choice, where possible, and don't be put off applying if a course appears to be full on the online store. This will enable us to carry out the finalisation process more efficiently and maximise the chance that you are allocated a suitable place.

We appreciate that it may be tempting to wait until after results before deciding what to sit, but we strongly recommend that you commit to a subject early and start studying in May. There will only be a finite number of tutorial places available in August and we cannot always guarantee everyone a place.

If you are keen to start studying early (always recommended) then please apply as soon as possible. The first finalisation date is 9 May but the courses themselves don't start until the end of May or early June. Most of the other Regular Tutorials advertised will be finalised after 17 May or 20 June. Please check the Tuition Bulletin for finalisation date for the courses you are interested in.

If we haven't advertised the tutorial that you're looking for, please still submit your request and we will endeavour to add a course if there is sufficient demand.

Availability of study materials

Please order your study materials well in advance of when you would like to use them. Although deliveries are continuing in most countries, they are still taking longer than usual and so please bear this in mind when you are thinking about placing an order.

The vast majority of printed products are now also available as eBooks. They are generally priced the same as the printed product but will benefit from zero dispatch costs and avoid any courier delays and import tax. You can read more about our eBooks at

If you wish to buy an updated version of a product you have purchased before, then you can also benefit from our retaker discounts. Find out more at

Changes from April to September

The academic year for actuarial students runs from 1 September to 31 August. The Syllabus, Core Reading and ActEd Course Notes do not change during this period (although details of minor corrections to study material are available from our website). Therefore, all core services that we offered in the session leading to the April 2021 exams are still available. Full details of these services are given on our website.

ASET and mini-ASET

Where available, ASET (2014-17 papers) and ASET (2019-20 papers) will also remain unchanged. The 2018 papers are not included in ASET.

A mini-ASET will also be available (only as an eBook, not in print) around mid-August and will cover the April 2021 paper(s) only.

All ActEd staff continue to work remotely and so we would appreciate your patience if we take a little longer to respond than normal. Please direct all new general queries to and accounts queries to Please do not telephone the office as your call will not be answered.

Good luck with any remaining exams and please stay safe.

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