Information for the 2018 exams

New session update from ActEd

New Tuition Bulletin

The new Tuition Bulletin for the session leading to the September 2018 exams is now available.  To apply, please visit our online store, where you can also view the course venues that have been provisionally booked, and see an indicator of the number of places available on each course. 

If we haven’t advertised the tutorial that you’re looking for, please still submit your request and we will endeavour to add a course if there is sufficient demand.

But don’t forget that if you might change your study plans in the light of your exam results, we recommend that you book a place on a late-starting Regular Tutorial or a Block Tutorial rather than a standard Regular Tutorial. However, there is always a limit to the number of Block Tutorials that we can run and so please consider a Regular Tutorial if possible.

Subject CA1 – alternative Series Marking

If you’re studying CA1 this summer, but think that submitting ten full-length assignments will be too much, then we have an alternative for you. You have two main options this session if you would like some Series X Assignment questions marked: standard Series X Marking or Series X5 Marking; the essential five. We still recommend the full set but the student group that submits assignments has a significantly higher pass rate than the group that doesn’t, and so doing some is better than none.

Online Tutorials

Our Online Classroom is available in Subjects CT1 - CT8, CA1, CA2, CP3, ST2, ST5 and ST8.
The Online Classroom provides you with pre-recorded tuition in easily accessible units, covering the same topics and questions as a typical face-to-face tutorial.

Live Online Regular or Block Tutorials are offered in all CT Subjects, as well as in Subjects CA1, ST2, ST4, ST5, ST9, SA2 and SA4 and also CA2 and CP3 Live Online Preparation days.  These courses aim to replicate as closely as possible what you would experience at a face-to-face tutorial, without the need to travel to a venue.

We are also offering Live Online Revision Tutorials in most CT Subjects, as well as Subjects CA1, ST2, ST4, ST5, ST9, SA2 and SA4.  Your tutor will help you revise frequently examined and/or tricky areas of the course and give you additional practice at interpreting and answering past exam questions. 

Changes from April to September

The academic year for actuarial students runs from 1 September to 31 August. The Syllabus, Core Reading and ActEd Course Notes do not change during this period (although details of minor corrections to study material are available).  Therefore, all services that we offered in the session leading to the April 2018 exams are still available. 

Good luck with your studies for the 2018 exams.

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