Information for the 2018 exams

Our 2018 Brochure contains full details of availability of 2018 materials as well as our full range of products to help you with your study. For advice about which products to choose, please read our product guide.

If you have never ordered from ActEd before, have a look at our placing your first order page for helpful tips. If you need further advice about which products to order, please see Help and Advice for New Students.

Study Guides contain details of the study support available, assignment deadlines, advice on how to study efficiently and the full Syllabus for your subject.

The new Tuition Bulletin for the session leading to the April 2018 exams is now available. Please apply for your tutorials using our e-store where you will be able to view provisional venues and see an indication of the number of spaces available on each course.

As we like to keep our materials as up to date as possible, some of the study materials are not available until midway through a session. However, you are still encouraged to place your order in full at the start of the session. We’ll despatch immediately all the items available at the time of your order and automatically send any outstanding items as they become available. Expected availability dates for study material are listed on the key dates page.

If you are retaking a subject this year, please have a look at the CMP Upgrade for the relevant subject before starting your studies. Although there are few changes to the exam structure this year, some syllabuses and the Core Reading have been reviewed and updates to your material will be required.

Finally, when ordering from ActEd, we encourage you to use our e-store to ensure that your order is processed as quickly as possible.

Good luck with your studies for the 2018 exams.

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