Information for the 2019 exams

2019 Exams

You probably don’t need reminding that the IFoA launches its new education strategy next year (details at

Given the transition arrangements, the main situation to try to avoid is completing CT1 or CT5 without the other, or completing only one of CT4 or CT6. If you would like some help or support deciding which subjects to study this summer, then we recommend discussing the alternatives with other students using ActEd’s Discussion Forum.

As usual, we are planning to release our materials for the 2019 exams towards the end of September. Due to the volume of changes required, we are likely to be offering a slightly slimmer product range than we have now, but the vast majority of our most popular products should be completed and ready to use for the April 2019 exams.

CMP Upgrades are only likely to be available in subjects CP2-3 SP1-2 and SP5-9, but retaker discounts will be available in all subjects.

Download the 2019 ActEd Student Brochure


Please note that 2019 study material will be available to order from next week around 26th September.

Please email if you have any queries.

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