Information for the 2022 exams

Update: 16 September 2021

This page contains important information about:

New Student Brochure 2022

Our 2022 Student Brochure is now available. There are relatively few changes to our products and services this year but we recommend that you re-familiarise yourself will all we have to offer before making your first order this year.

New Tutorials for the April 2022 exams

We are hoping to implement a phased return to face-to-face teaching this year but plans may change at short notice given the general uncertainty in the environment.

Before booking any tutorials, please read the new Tuition Bulletin for more information about our provisional plans and what you might expect if you attend a face-to-face tutorial.

Availability of study materials

Please order your study materials well in advance of when you would like to use them. Although deliveries are continuing in most countries, they are understandably taking longer than usual and so please bear this in mind when you are thinking about placing an order.

The vast majority of printed products are now also available as eBooks. They are generally priced the same as the printed product but will benefit from zero dispatch costs and avoid any courier delays and import tax. You can read more about our eBooks at

If you wish to buy an updated version of a product you have purchased before, then you can also benefit from our retaker discounts. Find out more at If you are retaking or using a previous year’s CMP then please check out our CMP Upgrades when they are available.

ASET and mini-ASET

Where previously available, we will continue to sell ASET (2014-17 papers). The second ASET will be released in February and will cover the 2019-21 papers (except in CP2 which will cover the 2020-21 papers). The 2018 papers are not included in any ASET but the Exam Papers and Examiners’ Reports are available from the IFoA’s website.

A mini-ASET eBook covering the April 2022 papers only will be available to buy from April 2022 and distributed around mid-August 2022.

Many ActEd staff continue to work remotely and so we would appreciate your patience if we take a little longer to respond than normal. Please direct all new general queries to and accounts queries to Please do not telephone the office as your call will not be answered

Lion Background

Certified Actuarial Analyst

We are specialist actuarial educators and we are producing a wide range of affordable, online study resources to prepare students studying for the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) exams offered by CAA Global.

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