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The Online Classroom is an exciting new approach to studying for the actuarial exams. It acts as either a valuable add-on to a tutorial (face-to-face or live online) or a great alternative to a tutorial, particularly if you're not based in the UK or near a tutorial venue.

Please see the specific details for the Online Classrooms in Subject CP2, Subject CP3 and Subject SA1.

At the heart of the Online Classroom in each subject is a comprehensive, easily-searched collection of tutorial units. These are a mix of:
  • teaching units, helping you to really get to grips with the course material, and
  • guided questions, enabling you to learn the most efficient ways to answer questions and avoid common exam pitfalls.

Key highlights

Content equivalent to a typical tutorial, including easy to understand tutor explanations of topics, tutor-guided question practice and question and solution handouts.

Supported study
A tutor is available to support your studies. They will answer your questions and provide motivation throughout the study session.
You’re part of a group of students in the Online Classroom (your cohort) and can discuss ideas with them through ActEd's forums.

Interactive and multi-sensory
You study actively, pausing the recordings to answer questions and checking your understanding throughout. By watching, listening and participating in short chunks, you enhance the learning process.

Alternative or add-on to a tutorial (face-to-face or live online)
The Online Classroom works as a stand-alone product or as an add-on to tutorials. Students attending tutorials in the same session may purchase the Online Classroom at a significantly reduced cost.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive
    Tuition divided into short, easily accessible units in each subject, with guidance on how and when to use them for maximum benefit.
  • You’re in control
    You choose what to study and when. Focus your efforts on the topics and questions you need to study most. Don’t use your valuable time on topics that you already understand well.
  • Replay and review key topics
    You can look at key topics as many times as you need to during the exam session.
  • Guided questions
    You’re guided through many past exam and other practice questions, seeing how to get to the correct answer quickly and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Flexible and efficient
    You receive access to all the content online from the start, giving you the flexibility to pick and choose what and when to study.
  • Study anytime, anywhere you want
    Daytimes, evenings, weekends – you choose. Connect to the Online Classroom at home, in the office, on the train or anywhere you have internet access. The short length of each unit means you can make each study session as long (or as short) as you want.
  • Connected
    Discuss the course online with other students and receive support, motivation and answers to queries from your dedicated tutor. You don’t have to study in isolation.

Online Classroom demos

The best way to discover the Online Classroom is to see it in action. You can watch a sample of the Online Classroom tutorial units here:

Teaching unit
Guided question

What else is in the Online Classroom?

Alongside all these tutorial units, the Online Classroom also provides:

  • Discussion forums - talk to other students studying the subject at the same time and get answers to your queries
  • Access to an ActEd tutor – who provides guidance and support via the discussion forums
  • Guidance - advice on how and when to use the Online Classroom and how to integrate it with your other study resources to best suit you and maximise your chances of exam success
  • Tutorial handout and full solutions - just like a tutorial.

Online classroom is available in all Core Subjects and Subjects SP1, SP2, SP5, SP7, SP8, SA2 and SA7. A mini-online classroom is also available in Subject SA1. Please visit the SA1 page for more details.

The CM and CS Online Classrooms are an alternative to a Regular or Block tutorial and will help you prepare for both papers A and B, as the underlying examinable content is broadly the same. However, the Online Classroom focuses on the written Paper A and does not cover any R or Excel questions. Hence the Online Classroom is not intended to be an alternative to using the Paper B Online Resources (PBOR) or attending a Paper B Preparation Day, both of which focus on preparing students for the Paper B exam.

Please see the specific details for the Online Classrooms in Subject CP2, Subject CP3 and Subject SA1.

Students attending a tutorial in the same session may purchase the Online Classroom at a significantly reduced cost.

Students will have access for up to 13 months to pre‐recorded tutorial units covering the same topics and questions as used on a typical face‐to‐face tutorial.

Expected availability dates.

Online Classroom Forums – FAQ

Click on a section title to see the answers for each section:

Our tutors aim to respond to forum queries within two working days. However, when students help each other by posting responses, queries can be answered much more quickly. We encourage everyone to post thoughts and suggestions!
Although our tutors strive to respond to forum queries as quickly as possible, there are circumstances that can delay their response, for example:
  • Where a student posts a large number of questions; such students should not expect our tutors to answer all their queries at once.
  • Sometimes our tutors have a large volume of teaching (which may involve significant travel) and they may be unable to access the resources they need in order to answer forum queries.
Whilst there isn’t a formal limit, ActEd does reserve the right to restrict tutor support in certain circumstances, eg when the questions posted suggest that the student hasn’t read the Course Notes or has not made a significant attempt to understand the material. Similarly, tutor support may be limited for students who post an excessive number of questions or questions that are too broad or unfocused in nature. We reserve this right solely to guarantee that our tutors are able to help the great majority of students who use the forums as intended to enhance their understanding of the most difficult concepts.
At the end of each study session we review the posts, retaining those that are likely to be useful to students in the future and deleting others. So before posting a query, it is worth reviewing existing posts to see if your question has already been answered! You can use the search facilities on the forums to help you.

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