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The Online Classroom is an exciting approach to studying for the actuarial exams. It acts as either a valuable add-on to a face-to-face tutorial or a great alternative to a tutorial, particularly if you're not based in the UK or near a tutorial venue.

Key highlights


Similar content to a typical face-to-face tutorial, including easy-to-understand tutor explanations of topics, tutor-guided question practice and questions and solutions handouts.

Interactive and multi-sensory

You study actively, pausing the recordings to answer questions and checking your understanding throughout. By watching, listening and participating in short chunks, you enhance the learning process. 

The Subject CP2 Online Classroom is a collection of units covering the key elements of the CP2 exam. The Online Classroom contain a mix of:

  • teaching, helping you to really get to grips with how to meet the objectives of Subject CP2, and
  • exercises demonstrating key skills you will need for the exam.

How does the Online Classroom differ from the Preparation Day for Subject CP2?

Preparation Days give a full day of tuition with a group of students at a scheduled time which includes working through example assignments. However, the exam skills covered in both the Online Classroom and the Preparation Day are the same.

What else is in the Online Classroom?

Just like a face-to-face tutorial, in addition to all the tutorial units, the Online Classroom also provides documents (downloadable) containing:

  • the exercises and solutions
  • checklists for you to use in the exam
  • guidance on how and when to use the Online Classroom, and how to integrate it with your other study resources to best suit you and maximise your chances of exam success.

Students booked onto a confirmed CP2 Preparation Day or who have previously attended a CP2 Preparation Day may purchase the Online Classroom at a significantly reduced cost. Please refer to the retaker rate.

Students will have access for up to 13 months.

Online Classroom demo

The best way to discover the Online Classroom is to see it in action. You can watch a sample of the CP2 Online Classroom introduction video.

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