Live Online Tutorials

Structure and convenience

ActEd's Live Online Tutorials provide you with the traditional structure and support of classroom learning, but with the convenience of attending classes wherever you are.

Live Online Regular or Block Tutorials

This session we are offering live, online Regular or Block Tutorials in all CT Subjects and Subjects CA1, ST2, ST4, ST5, ST9, SA2 and SA4.  There’s also Live Online Preparation Days in Subjects CA2 and CP3. The course will be challenging and interactive, and aim to replicate as closely as possible what you would experience at a face-to-face tutorial, without the need to travel to a venue.

Students attending a Regular or Block Tutorial (delivered face-to-face or live online) in the same session may purchase the Online Classroom at a significantly reduced cost.  The Online Classroom is currently available in all CT Subjects, CA1, CA2, CP3, ST2, ST5 and ST8.

Live Online Revision Tutorials

This session we are offering live, online Revision Tutorials in most CT Subjects, as well as Subjects CA1, ST2, ST4, ST5, ST9, SA2 and SA4.  Your tutor will help you revise frequently examined and/or tricky areas of the course and give you additional practice at interpreting and answering past exam questions.

Live Online Exam Skills Tutorial

This session we are offering a 2-hour live online tutorial course on exam skills designed to help you maximise your chance of passing your exam. It’s aimed at students sitting CA1 or an ST Subject for the first time.

Live Online Course dates can be found in our Tuition Bulletin.

It may be different to actually being in a classroom, but we will aim to replicate the experience and learning outcomes of a face-to-face tutorial as closely as possible. In addition you will benefit from: 

  • reduce travel time and cost
  • reduced tutorial cost
  • the opportunity to re-watch, or catch up on any live sessions you miss, for up to 2 weeks after the tutorial.

How it works

Just like a face-to-face tutorial, the courses will comprise a mixture of: 

  • teaching from the tutor via pre-prepared presentations and a virtual whiteboard
  • time for question practice for students, with subsequent tutor guidance and solutions.

It will be assumed that you have read the relevant chapters of ActEd’s Course Notes before the tutorial and so the tutorial will aim to consolidate your knowledge and build your understanding of the principles covered.

For the Revision Tutorials you may be asked to attempt some questions before you attend, to maximise the time on the day for tutor guidance.

Interaction will be encouraged using interactive polls and a written chat facility. 

The software used enables you to see and hear the tutor, and uses a "virtual flipchart" and slides, resulting in a personal feel to the tutorial. You can ask and respond to questions via a written chat facility, getting instant tutor feedback.

In order to participate all you need is a PC with speakers or headphones, a broadband internet connection and an internet browser. You can test your setup to check that you have the relevant software installed. 

It is possible to view Live Online Tutorials using an iPad and an App (that can be downloaded from the App Store). However, at present we recommend that you use a PC or laptop instead, because connecting this way offers you more functionality during the tutorial than using the App.

Timing of courses

The full day Regular/Block and Revision Tutorial sessions normally start between 9am and 10am and finish between 4.30pmand 5pm (UK time) with breaks. 

The half-day Regular Tutorial morning sessions typically start between 9am and 10am and ends between 12.30pm and 1pm or afternoon sessions start between 1.30pm and 2pm and finish between 5pm and 5.30pm

Exact timings for all courses will be given with your joining instructions.  Please read these joining instructions carefully. All Live Online courses will be UK times.

Applying for a tutorial

Numbers will be limited and so to maximise your chance of getting a place on the tutorial we encourage early applications. 

Read about the tutorial application process.

What next?

Live Online Tutorial Prices

You can check availability and apply online using our e-store.

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