Core Reading

This item has been reproduced by permission of IFoA for the use of students who have purchased a Combined Materials Pack. In most subjects, ActEd’s Course Notes include the complete Core Reading integrated with the ActEd text. In Subjects CB2, SP6 and SP9, students are also required to read material in specified textbooks, which do not form part of the Course Notes.

If you are a student member of the IFoA and have purchased the ActEd Combined Materials Pack in the same subject, then you may order a stand-alone copy of the Core Reading at a  discounted price. All other orders for Core Reading should be made from the IFoA website.

Core Reading is produced by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. The purpose of Core Reading is to ensure that tutors, students and examiners have a clear, shared appreciation of the requirements of the Syllabus for the examinations. The Core Reading supports coverage of the syllabus in helping to ensure that both depth and breadth are re‐enforced. In examinations students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts in the Core Reading; these are based on the legislation, professional guidance etc that are in force when the Core Reading is published, ie on 31 May in the year preceding the examinations.

All aspects of the examination process (Syllabus, Core Reading, exam dates, exam entry, exam setting, exam marking, communication of exam results, and production of Examiners’ Reports) are the direct responsibility of the IFoA. Full details of the examinations are given on the IFoA website.