Foundation ActEd Course

What is the Foundation ActEd Course?

The Foundation ActEd Course (FAC) is designed to help students improve their mathematical skills in preparation for the Core Technical subjects. It is a reference document to which students can refer when they need help on a particular topic. Each chapter contains explanatory notes, examples and self-assessment questions to test understanding. There is a Question and Answer Bank providing extra question practice.

FAC is available in both paper and eBook formats and an Online Classroom.

Why purchase Foundation ActEd Course?

The Actuarial Profession produces guidance on the mathematics skills required by students joining the profession. FAC reflects this guidance and therefore comprehensively covers all the mathematics required for the Core Technical subjects. Unlike other mathematical textbooks it is geared specifically towards actuarial students.

Which topics does the Foundation ActEd Course cover?

FAC covers the mathematical material needed as the background for Subjects CT1, CT3, CT4, CT5, CT6 and CT8. Many of the topics covered are beyond the scope of A-Level or Higher Level syllabuses.

The topics covered by FAC include:

  • Notation and conventions used in financial and actuarial mathematics
  • Differentiation and integration techniques
  • Complex numbers
  • Algebra, including summation of series and binomial expansions

A sample of the Course Notes and the full Syllabus for FAC can be downloaded at the end of this section.

Which students will benefit from the Foundation ActEd Course?

Students with numerate degrees and a good memory of the topics covered in A-Level or Higher Level mathematics may not need to purchase this course. Many other students (particularly those with less numerate degrees or those whose maths is a little rusty) will benefit greatly from the study material and practice questions provided by FAC.

We have written an Initial Assessment to help employers assess whether or not a student would benefit from the Foundation ActEd Course. There are 18 questions which are typical of problems that will be encountered in the context of the actuarial exams and which are covered in detail in the course. Students should attempt the Initial Assessment without reference to a textbook and should take around 60 minutes.

The Initial Assessment and full solutions are available at the end of this section.

Does ActEd provide face-to-face tuition?

We have an Online Classroom available for FAC consisting of pre-recorded tuition with plenty of worked examples. A sample unit can be found below:

FAC Sample

The FAC Online Classroom gives you 12 months’ access (from the date your order is processed). We recommend that you purchase the complete FAC, which contains the paper or eBook Course Notes and Online Classroom, but you may also purchase one of the items separately.

If your company would like to give new students a flying start to their study we are happy to run a full-day face-to-face in-house maths refresher tutorial. Please contact Bev Butler to discuss your requirements.

How can I download further information about FAC?

Download a sample of the Course Notes.

Download the full Syllabus for FAC.

Download the Initial Assessment; download the solutions to the Initial Assessment.

For corrections to the FAC, please click here.

The FAC samples are in Adobe Acrobat format, and you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

Download Acrobat

What next?

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