Retaking F100 Series Subjects in South Africa - 2018 Exams

CMP Upgrades enables you to amend your 2017 CMP to make it suitable for study for the 2018 exams. Subjects F101, F102, F103 and F105 have changed slightly this year and you can use the F101 CMP Upgrade, F102 CMP Upgrade, F103 CMP Upgrade and F105 CMP Upgrade to update your 2017 course to be applicable to 2018.

The only material changes to the F104 CMP this year are to incorporate some corrections. These are detailed in the Subject F104 2017 corrections document, which can be found here.

Subject F106 students continue to use the ST9 course material and so please refer to the CMP Upgrade for ST9.

Please note that courses do not change during an academic year. Therefore if you are taking the exam towards the end of the year in the second sitting, then any materials purchased for May/June exams will still be relevant.

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