Tutorials for Overseas Students

If you are looking for some tuition to help you pass the exams then we recommend one (or more) of the following options:

  • Online Classroom - The Online Classroom is equivalent to a typical face-to-face tutorial run in the UK. Being online, it's an excellent choice for students without easy access to face-to-face classes.
  • Live Online Tutorials - Live Online Regular or Block Tutorials are ideal if you like the discipline and motivation of a structured and timetabled course but are unable to travel to one of our face-toface courses. We aim to replicate as closely as possible what you would experience on a face-to-face tutorial – but deliver it online.
  • Block Tutorials - if you are able to visit the UK for a few days then we recommend a Block Tutorial held between 3 and 8 weeks before the exams. View our Tuition Bulletin to see what's on offer.

Students eligible for reduced-rate subscriptions and exam fees with the IFoA please refer to the reduced-rate material details.