Advice for students studying Subject CP2 for the 2021 exams

Recent changes 

The syllabus and format of the CP2 exam are very similar to the CA2 exam, which it replaces. The one change to note is that the Examiners have said that the CP2 exams will put more emphasis on issues relating to data.

Course Notes 

ActEd has produced course notes which we recommend you use in your preparation.  These include sections covering:

  • the principles required for analysing data, developing a model, creating an audit trail and presenting results
  • advice on using software and exam technique tips
  • a detailed worked example and a sample marking schedule
  • the syllabus
  • aims, further reading and useful checklists
  • example spreadsheets, audit trails and summary reports
  • self-assessment questions and projects.

Course Notes are available in printed format and as an eBook, which can be purchased as an addition to the printed product or as a stand-alone product.

Here are some samples from the Course Notes:

Download Analysing Data Sample

Download Worked Example Sample

The Course Note samples are in Adobe Acrobat format, and you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

Download Acrobat

You may also like to use one of ActEd’s Assignments and Mock Exams to help you prepare for the CP2 course.

Data files for the Worked Examples in the Course Notes 

We have presented two Worked Examples of the Course Notes. This section includes the instructions for a Paper 1 and a Paper 2 project and a full analysis of a set of solutions produced by a student attempting them under exam conditions.

If you want to try these projects yourself "hands-on", rather than just reading through the student's solutions we've presented, you can download a spreadsheet containing the data.

Download Worked Example Project (Paper 1)
Download Worked Example Project (Paper 2)

Face-to-face and Online Tutorials 

The CP2 Preparation Day builds upon the CP2 Course Notes. It helps develop the required documentation skills and technical Excel knowledge needed to pass Subject CP2, using an exam‐style question as a case study. We offer the choice of an online or face‐to‐face course, where students will need to bring their own device capable of running the required software (eg Excel, Word).

An Online Classroom is also available, which is a great alternative to a tutorial, particularly if you’re not based in the UK or near a tutorial venue.

Please view the Tuition Bulletin to see the courses on offer. Full details of the application process can be found here.

Assignments and Mock Exams 

In addition to the tutorial support for CP2, we offer a set of Assignments and Mock Exam papers, which give you an opportunity to practise the skills needed for the CP2 exams.

Please note that Assignment 3 and the two Mock Exam papers are updated versions of the Mock Exams we offered for CA2. So these may not be suitable for you if you have already attempted them previously.


There are three Assignments:

  • Assignment 1 (1¾ hours) focuses on the Excel aspects of CP2
  • Assignment 2 (1¾ hours) focuses on the audit trail, summary report and charts
  • Assignment 3 (3¼ hours) is similar to a CP2 Paper 2 exam

Assignments 1 and 2 require you to submit written answers (similar to the assignments in the other subjects).

Assignment 3 requires you to produce a spreadsheet model (using MS Excel) and an audit trail (using MS Excel or MS Word).

To attempt Assignment 3, you will need to download the file Assignment 3 Data.

Mock Exams

Our main Mock Exam contains two papers to mimic your real exam:

  • Paper 1 (3¼ hours) is similar to a CP2 Paper 1 exam
  • Paper 2 (3¼ hours) is similar to a CP2 Paper 2 exam

To attempt Mock Exam Paper 1, you will need to download the file Mock Exam Paper 1 Data.
To attempt Mock Exam Paper 2, you will need to download the file Mock Exam Paper 2 Data.

We also offer an Additional Mock Pack (AMP, which contains two further Mock Exams (Mock Exam 2 and Mock Exam 3), each containing two papers.

To attempt Mock Exam 2 Paper 1, you will need to download the file Mock Exam 2 Paper 1 Data.
To attempt Mock Exam 2 Paper 2, you will need to download the file Mock Exam 2 Paper 2 Data.

To attempt Mock Exam 3 Paper 1, you will need to download the file Mock Exam 3 Paper 1 Data.
To attempt Mock Exam 3 Paper 2, you will need to download the file Mock Exam 3 Paper 2 Data.

The Mock Exam and AMP is available as an eBook as well as printed paper.


We offer marking of the Assignments and Mock Exams by an ActEd marker. The marker will provide you with detailed feedback on your work and highlight potential areas for improvement to maximise your chances of success in the exams. You will also receive a breakdown of your marks. Model solutions are also provided.

In order for ActEd to mark your Assignments and Mock Exams in good time, we recommend that you submit your work for marking at least 4 weeks before your exam. In any event, the Assignments and Mock Exams must be submitted before the final deadlines in order for us to be able to mark them.

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