Assignment deadlines

Unless you are using a Marking Voucher, any scripts received by ActEd after the deadline date will be returned unmarked. Please read our submission guidelines for assignments and mock exams.

Here are the assignment deadlines for the 2018 exams:

CT Assignment Deadlines 2018
CA1 Assignment Deadlines 2018*
CA2 Assignment Deadlines 2018
CP3 Assignment Deadlines 2018
ST Assignment Deadlines 2018
SA Assignment Deadlines 2018

Your script will be passed to the next available marker and will be returned to you via a secure link on the internet. We encourage markers to return scripts quickly, but you should be aware that scripts submitted around the time of the final deadlines may have a significantly slower turnaround time than usual.

*Alternative Series Marking options in CA1
You have two main options this session if you would like some CA1 Series X Assignment questions marked.

CA2 Marked Assignment Projects
In order for ActEd to mark your CA2 assignments in good time we recommend that you email your project to us in Word and Excel formats at least 4 weeks before your exam. The assignments must be submitted before the final deadlines to ensure you receive your script back in time for the exam.

The assignment deadline documents are in Adobe Acrobat format, and you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here. 

After you download the file, you must run it to install Acrobat.

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