Feedback Prize Draw

We are pleased to announce that the winner of £150 of gift vouchers for the Summer 2018 session is Mr Zak Lam.

Do you fancy winning £150 of gift vouchers (from a major UK store) for just a few minutes of your time throughout this session? If so, read on!

As you may know, we try to collect feedback from students on the quality of marking for all assignments submitted to us. This helps us to maintain the high standards of study support that students deserve. However, we realise that actuarial students have very busy lives and so don't always find that spare minute to provide feedback on every assignment they have marked. We have therefore devised a pleasant way to help you 'remember' to do this - by giving you the opportunity to win £150 of gift vouchers!

How it works:

  • This session, for every series of assignments or mock paper for which you submit feedback, we will enter your name once into our prize draw.
  • The ActEd draw will take place approximately two weeks after the exams.
  • Students submitting feedback on a tutorial, marking or course materials are eligible for the draw.

Ways to give feedback:

  • Fill it in on the frontsheet of your next assignment in the same series.
  • Email your comments to us.
  • Provide your feedback online.

The draw will take place at the end of the session, with the winner being announced here and on the ActEd Forum. Please read our terms and conditions.

Good luck!

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