Submitting assignment and mock exam scripts

For all written exams, you will need to email each assignment and mock exam script as a pdf file to but please read the instructions on the assignment or mock exam coversheet before completing your assignment or mock exam. For R or Excel-based exams (Subjects CS1-2, CM1-2 and CP2) you will need to submit the relevant files (eg Word or Excel documents) attached to an email. Please follow the instructions on each assignment or mock carefully.

Unless you are using a Marking Voucher, any scripts received by ActEd after the deadline date will not be marked.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your script is sent in good time to reach us.

Emailing your script:

To email your script please send it to

If you wish to use this method, you must follow the following guidelines, or your script will not be accepted:

  • Write in black ink using a medium-sized nib because we will be unable to mark illegible scripts.
  • Leave at least a 2cm margin on all borders.
  • Start each question on a new page.
  • Number all the pages of your script and write the total number of pages which your script contains on the assignment cover sheet.
  • Make sure the assignment cover sheet is the first page of the scanned document.
  • Please title the email in the form of CM1 X4 No. 12345 with the appropriate assignment and ActEd student number entered.
  • The file size cannot exceed 4 MB.
  • Check that your scanned assignment includes all pages and is of a sufficiently legible quality.
  • The scan appears the right way up (ie it can be read normally without rotation) before emailing to ActEd.
  • Set your scanning resolution to either 150 dots per inch (dpi) or 200 (dpi). Use the lower resolution of 150 dpi if the resultant file exceeds 3 MB.
  • For image type, select black and white.  Do not set the image type to grayscale or colour.
  • For image format, use the compressed option – such as .tiff file (there is usually a '.tiff compressed' option, or something similarly named, when you try to save the file) or PDF.
  • File format: multi-page – we cannot accept individual files for each page. All scanned assignments must be submitted in a single file.
  • Please include the ‘feedback from marker’ sheet when scanning.
  • If you have purchased Series Marking you must submit your scripts by the published deadlines. Any scripts submitted after this date will not be marked. If you use Marking Vouchers you need to adhere to the explicit Marking Voucher deadlines in each session to ensure your script is returned before the date of the exam.
Please do NOT...
  • Use headed paper.
  • Use highlighting in your script.
  • Include the question paper in your scan.
  • Re-send the same script unless you believe that the first attempt has wholly or partially failed. If you do have to re-send, please do indicate clearly on the cover sheet that you are doing so.
  • Protect the PDF in any way (otherwise the marker cannot return the script to ActEd, which causes delays).
  • Do not use a phone or tablet to take photos of your script.  ActEd uses a system that automatically converts scripts to black & white, and scripts which have been photographed are impossible to read after conversion (the poor contrast on photos result in converted pages that are completely black).

Return of scripts

Your script will be marked electronically (eMarked).  You will receive an email with details of how to download your script via a secure link on the internet.  You can view your script online and/or print it out, whichever you prefer.  If you elected not to receive solutions at the same time as ordering the Mock Exam or Assignments you will also be able to view (or print) an electronic copy of the relevant solutions. Please note that the scripts and solutions will be deleted after two sessions so if you want to keep a copy then you must print it BEFORE it is deleted.

Your script will be passed to the next available marker and will be returned to you via a secure link on the internet. We encourage markers to return scripts quickly, but you should be aware that scripts submitted around the time of the final deadlines may have a significantly slower turnaround time than usual. 


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