Retaker discounts

Where available, CMP Upgrades can be downloaded from our website. However, students retaking a subject can also benefit from reduced‐price Combined Materials Packs or Course Notes (printed or eBook). The discounts apply only if you have previously purchased the equivalent material in the equivalent old‐era subject(s) directly from ActEd in the last 5 years. Discounts do not apply if your original course was supplied through a university or directly by the Profession (in the UK or India).

When ordering retaker‐price materials, please use the designated place on the order form or tick the relevant box when using the online store.

You may need to add despatch charges to the prices below.

2019 prices are:

Prices exclude VAT which will be added in EU and South Africa to eBook prices and the PBOR element (£88) of Retaker CMPs in Subjects CM1‐2 and CS1‐2.

Prices are quoted per individual subject.
Prices shown are in GBP
Retaker price for printed CMP (including Paper B Online Resources for CM and CS Subjects)
Retaker price for printed Course Notes
Retaker price for CMP eBook (including Paper B Online Resources for CM and CS Subjects)
Retaker price for Course Notes eBook
CM2, CS1, CM1, CS2
CM1, CS2 (partial retaker, with only one old‐era subject)
CB1 & CB2 (without textbook*)
CP2 & CP3
CP1, SP1‐2, SP4‐5, SP6 & SP9 (without textbooks), SP7‐8, SA1‐SA4 & SA7

*Subject CB2 relies heavily on a new textbook (‘Economics’, 10th Ed). Therefore, if you order the Subject CB2 CMP or Course Notes as a retaker, we recommend that you add the new textbook to your shopping cart in addition to the CMP or Course Notes.

Students based in non‐EU countries may incur import tax on delivery of materials. Any charges and tariffs levied by the customs authorities (and related fees by the courier) are the responsibility of the recipient rather than ActEd.

Prices for core, revision materials and other study materials.

All prices as at 1 October 2018 but may be subject to change.

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