Mock Exams

Mock Exam A

Mock Exam A is available in the subjects for which we produce core study materials. It includes two papers for Subject CA1 and one paper for each of the other subjects. Mock Exam A can be purchased with or without marking.

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Additional Mock Pack

The Additional Mock Pack (AMP) consists of two further mock exam papers – Mock Exam B and Mock Exam C. It is ideal for students who are retaking and have already sat Mock Exam A, and for those who just want some extra question practice. Marking Vouchers can be used if you would like one or both of the additional mocks marked by ActEd.

Some employers automatically order mock exams for their students and so you may wish to check with your employer before buying either Mock Exam A or the AMP from ActEd.

Expected availability dates for study material.

Lion Background

Certified Actuarial Analyst

We are specialist actuarial educators and we are producing a wide range of affordable, online study resources to prepare students studying for the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) exams offered by CAA Global.

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